Month: April 2019

Stuck in a Creative Rut: The Creative Slump.

Has this every happened to you? You are working on your creation. Perhaps it is your new song, poem, book chapter, painting, or script idea. Then BANG, you can’t get it to go the way you want it to. It’s like your thoughts went to sleep. You say, I’ll take a little break and come back. You come back and it feels like a concert of crickets. Nothing, nada, zip.

What a dumb question that was to ask, wasn’t it? All artists have creative slumps. We all get caught in the loop that has become so common nowadays that it’s widely discussed in creative writing topics, art therapy, and more.

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Keeping a zen peace and being in the zone

As an artist of any kind, a zone of creativity is necessary. That sweet spot where you can let your ideas flow and find every quirky idea. You can put it together and it becomes a creation that you are proud of. Everyone’s zone is different, but you must find yours. You will notice a difference in your work for sure.

I’ve experimented in many ways to find what works best for my creative process. The beach, the lake, traffic, at home in a candle lit room with the power completely shut off, and others. Some of these worked well and some were a disaster. Maybe you will be like Mikey. You’ll try it and you’ll like it. You’ll really like it.

Quiet Zones

Some artists love quiet places. They go and sit in quiet and think.

The ideas start to come forward. They grab a pen Continue reading “Keeping a zen peace and being in the zone”