Art Evolution: Grow and Harvest

Do you sometimes feel left behind. I know I do! Do you have ideas, dreams, and goals that you’d like to accomplish but you feel like you are behind everyone else? Sometimes that feeling will make you dated and out of the loop not only as an artist but as a person. How do you get past it? Well, I tell ya. You evolve and grow so that you can reap the benefits.

Art evolves

Art has changed, but the creative mind is the same. Radio plays different stuff. Selling music and art is more popular and profitable being done online. If you are a photographer you can sell your pics of trees and car crashes to sites as stock footage for people to use. What a new and interesting world. If you are a writer, you can sell your books as e-books.

Add new skills to what you already have. Get out and look at the world around you. Make sure your art stays relevant and always has something new to express. Learn some new stuff!

People Evolve

When I was a kid, everyone was in less of a hurry and a lot less lazy. Some call this laziness convenience. OK. Nevertheless, we are in a world of “I want it quickly, conveniently, with the least amount of effort, and I want it brought to me”. A vast number of people are completely dependent on technology nowadays. I’m not knocking them if it works for them. They have evolved into it and it suits their needs. Yay!

So as an artist, you must learn the ways to satisfy your audience. The internet isn’t going away. If you want your audience to grow, you will have to evolve with them in order to get your sales to harvest in that realm. Learn some new stuff!

Technology Evolves Rapidly

When I was a kid, we didn’t have cell phones. There was no internet. There were no VCR, cable, fiber optics. When these and many millions of other things started arriving,

they were new, exciting, and in today’s standards very basic.

They evolved. They continue to evolve. Really fast actually! Do you have problems keeping up?

Some say that technology moves so fast that it is actually considered old within

90 days of its release to the public.  So how do you keep up?

Learn some new stuff!

Society Evolves

Let’s face it. Society is a beautiful monster. It’s a world full of new ideas to save lives, people planting trees, new ways to educate the youth, 12 year old millionaires, and everyone having an opinion on social media.

Along with this comes the monsters. Social injustice, Racism, spiritual and sexual prejudices, climate changes, and a disregard for good manners and courtesy. There are so many more beautiful things, and so many more beasts. As an artist though, this is a wonderful world to be in. Society’s evolution has opened up new avenues for artistic expression. Whether you are a singer, poet, writer, painters, screenwriter, or mime; This wild planet has given you more artistic ingredients to use.

You learned some new stuff. Express Yourself!

Reap the Benefits of Evolution

Are you ready to learn something new yet? Give it some thought. Decide what you want to know how to do, and go learn it. Teach yourself, take a class, watch a YouTube video, whatever it takes. I speak to artists directly all the time because I’m an artist. It’s what I live. However, This mentality can apply to anyone. The more you know how something works, the more you’ll be able to make your dreams grow. The world may be changing and evolving all the time, but one thing has been constant. Knowledge is power! The more you know, the more you grow. You create a harvest in your life. Enjoy the fruits of your labor.

Did you find this post interesting? What evolutionary thoughts would you add? Let’s bring out the best in ourselves and each other. Post your comments below.

Thank you for reading. Here’s to your evolution.

That Creative Dude , Bruce

6 thoughts on “Art Evolution: Grow and Harvest

  1. Hi Creative Dude Bruce 😉
    Thank you for this post and I totally agree with you. Learning new stuff is vital in being able to keep up with all the changes out there. I am an aspiring artist myself, and I am struggling to find my “voice”, because there is just so much out there already. How does one differentiate to get noticed? It’s not easy but I am loving the journey.

    I constantly try to learn new things so that I can develop new skills, in life as well as on the creative side. I mean, what used to be regarded as art used to be paintings and sketches…nowadays anything can be considered art, and I mean ANYTHING! It’s actually quite awesome.

    Let’s all explore the world out there and all the new things that are happening. So what if you are a little outdated? If you enjoyed what you did, that’s all that matters! Besides, keep in mind…so many times “old” things have become trendy again… So your “old idea” might just be the next BIG idea!

    1. Indeed, Reboots, Remakes, covers, homages, interpretations… it’s everything old is new again. The true art and creativity in the evolution of it is when you put your own spin on it and it becomes your own thing. Perfect example: Respect: Aretha Franklin. She took Otis Redding’s hit song and made it her own.. so much so that most people don’t know its a cover. Many blessings to you… get your artistic groove on!

  2. Hi. Great article and very informative. Well, it is true that nothing is permanent in this world.. Many things change almost over time. One thing that caught my attention is how human evolve as almost everyone now is using technology for their convenience and advancement. In this regard, kids nowadays are pretty much involved in it and have a significant impact on their behavior.



    1. I appreciate your comments. I find myself sometimes trying to keep up with the kids to stay in the internet loop. I figured it out. They don’t take it as serious as we do. They just have fun with it… So now that I know that, evolution has become much easier. Many Blessings.

  3. Hi Bruce:
    Your article is very interesting & on point. I was brought up much the same as you before all the technology. I’m continuously going to my 37 & 24 year old sons for help with some type of technical thing or other. I also love YouTube. Great advice! Keep up the good work!

    1. Yes!!!!! Get all their knowledge. Drain their brains! lol
      The best thing about human knowledge from someone is you can ask questions about your question. Book are wonderful but a young brain is loaded with extra ideas and usually have a great plan b. Thank you for commenting on the post! 🙂

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