Keeping a zen peace and being in the zone

As an artist of any kind, a zone of creativity is necessary. That sweet spot where you can let your ideas flow and find every quirky idea. You can put it together and it becomes a creation that you are proud of. Everyone’s zone is different, but you must find yours. You will notice a difference in your work for sure.

I’ve experimented in many ways to find what works best for my creative process. The beach, the lake, traffic, at home in a candle lit room with the power completely shut off, and others. Some of these worked well and some were a disaster. Maybe you will be like Mikey. You’ll try it and you’ll like it. You’ll really like it.

Quiet Zones

Some artists love quiet places. They go and sit in quiet and think.

The ideas start to come forward. They grab a pen or a paintbrush and the magic happens. A quiet zone is a great place to focus from. Don’t you hate when you are working on something and it gets waylaid by someone with issues or just plain rambling on about stuff. The ideas retreat.

Once in high school, they did an experiment they referred to as the “Quiet Study Setting” where they had us listen to quiet classical music while we studied. I remember it being an English project we were studying. I failed this experiment miserably. Was this a sign that even then Bruce was destined to be a writer and songwriter. Guess what my mind did in that 30 minute experiment? I wrote 3 songs! They didn’t see that coming!

A great concept is to find a spot that you are very comfortable in and go to that place to write, paint, sing, study a script, whatever you are going for. You may find the perfect mental center.

Busy Crazy Zones

I’m definitely not one of these. The hustle and bustle of everyday life can definitely throw my ideas askew. There are people who work best in this setting. You may be one of them. Have you ever watched people on the bus reading or writing things. Especially the writers. They write. They stop and look around, perhaps out the window, then they write some more. These creators seem influenced by their surroundings.

Now this isn’t to say you can’t be motivated by the things you see and feel in everyday life. I tend to see that as more inspiration than actually formulating ideas you have already. I’ve written poems about falling leaves that became metaphoric about a life experience at the time. Bruce can be inspired by the leaves. However, when I wrote the poems, I had to be in a different place to let my ideas turn into creation.

One of my most creative friends lived in the busy crazy creative zone to an extreme. Before he would start writing, he would get a bunch of breakable things and go outside. He would throw them violently. He would shatter these things against a wall while yelling and screaming. After this, he would go somewhere and sit still and write a plethora of the most amazing poems about peace, romance, water, etc. I at first thought he was quite insane, but as I would read the results realized his zone was quite ingenious. Amazing how such beautiful work can be released after a release of what seemed so unnecessarily violent. To this day he is one of my favorite writers.

Everyone’s motivations are different.

Activated Senses

OK, so here is my zone. I create the most interesting works when my senses are on. What do I mean? Well I’m a night owl definitely. One of my favorite things to do when creating is get a delicious beverage, turn on some fun house music (preferably instrumentals), light incense, lay on the floor, turn on my disco light, and create unusual things. Writing is easy for me when I do this, even designing digital art, and painting.  Being addicted to the sounds of thunder and rain, sometimes a relaxing nature CD is the way to go. There is something mind altering for me when all my senses are aware like this. Aware yet not intruding on the ideas that want to come and visit this magical place. It seems to work for everything I create except songwriting. If I’m writing a song, Not so much, I have to go into world erasing mode for that.

Erasing The World

Go away world! This is the place for me when I write songs. I need to be here. In my mind there is nothing but me and my song. We bond. No people, no sounds except a beat if I’m writing to one, no other noises or intrusions. My societal canvas is so blank it’s scary. Through practice, I’ve learned to tune the world out for the sake of the life of my song. I suppose you can liken it to be abandoned on an island with no birds or animals. Even the water is still. I can do this laying down. That’s just me and my creative dude mentality. It took a little practice.

Search Your Creative Spirit

There are so many zones and ways to release your creativity. Zones can be sparked by happiness, sadness, irritability, or a myriad of things. Your zone may be anything and everything. Don’t confine yourself to just the above. Search out your technique. They can even mix. As an artist, keep an open mind. Dare to explore what makes you tick. The things that work for you may not work for others but they work for you. That’s what really matters.

Do you know where your creative space is? Have you ever thought about it? Sometimes we delay our creativity because we don’t feel the idea wants to come out. Guess what? It really does. Finding a creative zone that works for you may be the best thing you’ve ever created above all the works living inside your head. Make them feel welcome when they surface. Give them a place to grow, expand, and arrange themselves.

OK, so this sounds really hokey I’m sure, but give it a try. Your ideas can be amazing. Don’t block their ability to bless you.

Until next post,

This is Bruce.

That creative dude.

(side note: Sometimes I add links to things I’m diggin’. Costs you nothing but it helps me out and shares my creative secrets 😉  )

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